Theatre for an Endangered World

Jerusalem was an awesome experience. With an average customer rating of 4.8 Stars, we can’t be more pleased with how things turned out.


~ Vigilance, San Francisco Examiner

“Stunning poignant”

~ The Bloodknot”, The Denver Post

“A zany, well-crafted hit”

~ A Beautiful Home for the Incurable, SF Bay Times

The stage is momentarily dark, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t producing.  Since Jerusalem, we co-produced a workshop presentation of Terry Lamb’s The Space Between, and worked on light and sound designs for Anna Considers Mars at Playground, Bakersfield Mist with Off Broadway West, and Raptured at The Phoenix Theatre (among others). Currently, we’re selecting our next mainstage production, so check back in January to see what’s cooking.

Meanwhile, our media production arm, Hurricane Images Inc., has been busy:  filming a promo for the California Department of Public Health, an Anniversary video for Hilton Wordwide, a music video featuring the legendary Spice 1, and a suite of videos for Bitdefender, Fit Kids Foundation, and NetEnrich.