Second Wind Productions, Inc. strives to create theatre that approaches contemporary social and political issues from the human perspective. We embrace the art of theatre as an instrument of personal catharsis and education. Theatre, at its finest, should be a mind-altering drug. It is a sock in the intellectual jaw, a searing burn across the heart, and the uninhibited laughter of a six-year-old. Theatre should make us examine our place in the world. The stage offers us a window into another house, another life, and when the lights go dark at the end of the night in that other house– and rises in ours– it should be our face we see reflected in the glass. In this mirror we can see how well we are living up to our values and how our lives affect others. In this mirror are planted the seeds of personal realization.

In 1999, Second Wind re-visisted its goals in an effort to make them compatible with the diverse community of San Francisco, to make them relevant to our community and our time. We place our emphasis not on stunning production values, but rather stunning emotional values. On stories that illuminate an understanding of ourselves and the world around us. In a community that already has Black theater, Gay theater, Asian theater, and a host of other necessary, valuable theaters, we create theater that delves into the marrow between these distinctions. Our theatre examines the differences between cultures, politics, and social beliefs, whose defining characteristic is the immense depth to which it plumbs our emotional and intellectual world.

Arthur Michael Bird sm

In 2013 Second Wind grew a second arm– a media production company called Hurricane Images, creating powerful images and cutting edge videography. It’s clients include Illy Coffee, Levi’s, the California Department of Public Health, Hilton Worldwide, Sheikh Shoes, Bitdefender, and others.